The much anticipated debut novel from

The Society of Incredible Stories saga

For ages 9-12 (and grown-ups who like a good adventure!)


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The Society of Incredible Stories

 - Book 1: The Beginning of the End -

  Arthur Boil has no idea that the mysterious letter, he has just inherited from his late Aunt Eliza, will mark the beginning of an incredible, and dangerous, adventure.

   What he will soon discover is something so extraordinary that it is quite beyond the imagination of all but a handful of Londonian's inhabitants. A secret that has remained hidden for over a hundred years; what really lies beyond The Storm, in the space known only as The Nowhere?

   Arthur will be thrown into a strange world of secret societies and fantastical locations, and meet an elaborate cast of original and wonderfully eccentric characters along the way.


   Set in a richly imaginative world, The Beginning of the End is the first book in the exciting The Society of Incredible Stories saga. Full to bursting with over eighty exquisite illustrations, and a tale so universal in heart and spirit, it will delight both children and adults alike.

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  Over on the Freebies page, we have now made available the first two chapters of the book as well as a bonus audio version of the prologue.


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